A statistical analysis of the implications of using the term "China virus"

Trump used it. One reader wrote “A Chinese language virus shouldn’t be racist, it is placticist”. My opinion is that since there was already a extensively identified time period for the virus, there was no must resort to a made-up nickname. Han, Riddell and Piquero (2023) examines what occurred within the aftermath of the popularization of the time period.

Supply: Han, Riddell, Piquero (2023).

The authors estimate a regression within the variety of hate crimes at fixed time, a dummy variable taking the worth of 1 after March 16, 2020 and a time development from March 16, 2020.

The time coefficient (the place every commentary is weekly) is 0.075, with an ordinary error of 0.056. The authors conclude that not one of the coefficients are statistically important, utilizing two-tailed assessments. Notice that the t-statistic of 1.32, East important at 10% msl for a one-sided t-test, which is in some sense extra acceptable if one thinks that the related different speculation is that crimes elevated sooner after utilizing the phrases “Kung Flu” or “Chinese language virus”. Notice that these are outcomes primarily based on information from 4 main cities, as described within the article.

Aggregated nationwide information (however seemingly biased downward for the AAPI group) from the FBI for 2020 right here.

Supply: FBI (February 2023).

It is a 77% enhance in hate crimes in opposition to Asian individuals in the US in 2020.

Here’s a time collection, which reveals the quiet leap in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020.

Determine 1: Anti-Asian hate crimes (blue) and anti-Black or anti-African American hate crimes (tan), as a cumulative proportion change from 2016 (logarithmic phrases). Supply: FBI Crime Data Explorerand the creator’s calculations.

Not like Han et al. research, there’s proof of the persistence of reported anti-Asian hate crimes.

For extra data on the constraints of the FBI’s hate crime information and findings from different datasets, see this Voice chat.

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