GDP and assumptions about GDI, GDO

We do not have GDI estimates, but when we assume that nominal web working surplus stays fixed at Q3 2022 ranges ($6.2,000,000 out of $26,000,000 from GDI SAAR), we get the following board.

Determine 1: GDP (black), GDPNow of two/16 (gentle inexperienced sq.), GDI (blue), with estimate for This autumn, GDO (sky blue), with estimate for This autumn, GDP+ (pink), all in billion Ch.2012$ SAAR. RDB 2022T4 based mostly on RDB the place web working surplus equals 2021T3 worth. GDP+ stage calculated by iterating the expansion charges on actual GDP for This autumn 2019. Supply: BEA, advance 2022Q4, Atlanta Fed, Philadelphia Fedand the creator’s calculations.

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