Weekly macro indicators until 2/4/2023 and monthly GDP

Lewis-Mertens-Inventory (NY Fed) Weekly Financial Indicators and Baumeister, Leiva-Leon and Sims WECI and Woloszko (OECD) Weekly Tracker weekly indicators by means of 2/4/2023, launched as we speak, relative to month-to-month GDP .

Determine 1: Lewis-Mertens-Inventory Weekly Financial Index (blue), OECD Weekly Tracker (tan), Baumeister-Leiva-Leon-Sims Weekly Financial Circumstances Index for US plus 2% development (inexperienced) and IHS Markit month-to-month GDP (blue bars). Supply: New York Fed through Fred, OECD, WECI, IHS Markit/S&P Globaland the creator’s calculations.

There was a powerful rebound within the Weekly Tracker, which had turned damaging for the week ending 11/26, now outpacing the WEI (1.0%) and WECI +2% (2.2%). The WEI studying for the week ending 2/4 of 1.0% will be interpreted as quarterly progress of 1.0% if the 1.0% studying have been to persist for a complete quarter. Baumeister et al. a studying of 0.16% is interpreted as a progress fee 0.16% above the long-term development progress fee. Common US GDP progress over the interval 2000-19 is about 2%, implying a progress fee of two.16% for the yr ending 2/4. The OECD’s weekly studying of three.4% will be interpreted as an annual progress fee of three.4% for the yr ending 1/14. The 95% vary for US weekly monitoring is [1.9%, 4.9%].

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